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Choosing a Tie

Choosing a Tie

When putting together a look, whether for a formal occasion or for club wear, choosing the right tie is important to bring together the separate elements of your wardrobe. It’s not enough for a tie to look great on its own. It needs to speak to the rest of outfit and not clash with it.

  1. Width matters

Ties come in different widths: Narrow, super skinny and the much wider ones that congressmen wear. The sweet spot it seems are ties that measure two and a quarter to two and three-quarter inches at the widest point.

  1. Pick a tie that anchors your outfit

If you’re into fashion and you have an eye for what goes well with what, ties with a vibrant striped pattern or playful Art Deco-inspired pattern are great but remember that the tie should anchor your outfit and not clash with it or stand out too much. If you are not sure what you’re doing, solid and subtly patterned ties are fail-safe. Some essentials you need in your wardrobe include: * Solid black ties, which are exceptionally versatile. * Sophisticated ties with an allover dotted pattern. * Ties with a repeated logo pattern. * Stripped ties, which lend an elegant style to any outfit.

  1. Cycle your ties with the seasons

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  1. The exception to this is when you take dark ties with blue tints and try to wear them with dark grey or black suits. Although it can be done, blue tinted ties rarely complement these dark suits, and they should instead be reserved for navy blue, blue, or lighter colored suits where the color combination is more natural. If you re looking to combine a dark tie with a grey or black suit, look to deep purple or a dark tinted red.

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