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Women Notice When You Are Wearing A Tie

Women Notice When You Are Wearing A Tie

The decline in the popularity of the necktie is something to be mourned. Men are trading smart for casual but here is the thing: Whether you are suiting up for the office or putting together a casual style for your free time, throw on the correct tie and you’ll have dressing right all tied up. The right necktie completes men’s outfit. The bow tie has been out of fashion for long time but now they are cool again. Both, neckties and bow ties are fantastic tool of self-expression. After all, most of the time suits are blue or grey and shirts are white, blue or light pink. In contrast, ties vary in color, texture, width and how they are knotted. And the ladies love them.

– Ties bring it all together

Whatever look you are going for, the right necktie can help you put together the pieces by coordinating color, texture and other details. Ties are also slimming in that they draw attention down a line on your chest, elongating your appearance. The accessory also frames your face and draws attention to it for improved communication.

– Women like smart men

A man sporting a tie looks elegant, smart and sophisticated. And women love that. It also shows that you take pride in your appearance foregoing T-shirts with cartoons on them and skinny jeans for a more dapper look that requires imagination. Instantly you project a debonair cool image and differentiate yourself from the crowd.

– Give the ladies something to grab hold of

Putting a look together for a night out on town? Don’t forget to throw on a tie. It gives the ladies something to grab on to, whether in a passionate frenzy or to get you off that stool and onto the dance floor. A woman grabbing your tie is serious flirting.


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